Kira Bucca is a fashion, celebrity, and advertising photographer based in New York City, but can be seen shooting all over the world. She is known for her moody iconic editorial style, which is often coupled with a social cause. She likes to capture the essence of her subject, and the fire that burns under their eyes.

Kira's photographic career began in Australia, and continued with people and fashion photography upon her return to North America. After completing her graduate work in Toronto, in neuroscience, she returned to the US to shoot fashion full time, and work with photographers on assignments for ELLE, GQ, Harper's Bazaar, and Ocean Drive.

Kira's editorial work has been featured in top publications including Adon, Bello, Blowe, Carbon Copy, Chaos, Fault, HUF, Jejune, Lucy's, Nord, Obvious Magazine, PlayHaus, The Fashionisto, Tinsel Tokyo, and Zink. Her fashion advertising clients include Barnard College, Benson, BGN (international campaign), Edelman, Heike, Isn't She Lovely, John Brown Media, Merc USA, PR Factory, Thea, Unilever, and Virgin. 

She has been an active member of the arts world, showing in gallery shows all over New York City, and works as a humanitarian shooting for a number of nonprofits, including Hope Heroes, through which she was sent to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. 

Kira, is founder and Editor in Chief of the hot new socially relevant magazine: Jejune Magazine, where she gets the opportunity to celebrate and highlight incredibly talented people who are also giving back to this world.

Finally, when Kira isn’t seen with a camera in hand, she is often found climbing things, as she is an award winning competitive pole dancer and acrobat. Let’s be honest, she can often be found climbing things with a camera in hand as well.